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Regular Slotted Carton
(RSC) Box

“RSC Box” or “Standard Box” is the most efficient type of box, created by simply folding and tucking its flaps, minimizing paper waste during production. It is crafted from high-grammage cardboard and is easily recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.


These cardboard boxes can accommodate various items and are versatile in their use. If the items require a flat surface or double-layer protection, the RSC box can be adapted by inserting a “fill-in pad” between its two flaps.

Die-Cut Carton Box

If you need a unique packaging, we can assist you in creating all kinds of curves, shapes, ventilation holes, or additional folds. 

“D​ie-Cut” cardboard boxes are commonly crafted as self-locking units, eliminating the need for glue, tape, staples, or other closure methods. In other words, they are specially manufactured with exceptionally high quality materials.

The manufacturing process of Die-Cut boxes differs from standard boxes (RSC), allowing for greater variations in Corrugated Carton Box designs.

Single Face Rolls

Produced in the form of rolls, Single Face Corrugated Cardboard is an ideal product for wrapping items that require protection and have irregular shapes.


This type is versatile as padding and shielding against damage, often combined with bubble wrap for heavy or large items. The material is 100% easily recyclable.

Our company is also a major supplier to various Converting and Minibox factories in Indonesia.

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