Sales Representative

We have a sales person / sales representative who is reliable and professional in listening or responding to the needs and requests of our consumers

Customer Service

We always prioritize the best service for each of our customers. In addition to providing account managers for each of our clients, Teguh Group also guarantees the quality of carton box products since we are one of the internationally certified and certified corrugated companies, namely ISO9001

Field Training

As a long time player in the corrugated carton box industry, our staff are highly trained, competent, and very open to helping our customers inquire about carton boxes.

Just-In-Time Delivery

We will also process orders very professionally and quickly, including the process of loading and unloading of goods in accordance with the agreement stated in the contract


Our Products


Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) Box

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) Box is one of the most efficient types of boxes included in the manufacture of which is only by sticking together the lid of the box. RSC which is also referred to as "Standard Box" is the most famous and most popular type of box. The method above can minimize wasted material or what we call "paper waste". Our products are made of cardboard which has high content and is very easy to recycle, so that our production waste does not cause environmental pollution. This carton box can be used for containers of various kinds of goods. If the wrapped item requires a flat surface or 2-layer protection, the RSC can be modified by filling the space between the two lid boxes with a "fill-in pad"


Die-Cut Carton Box

Do you need unique packaging? We can help you to create all kinds of curves, shapes, ventilation holes, or additional folds based on your needs. "Die-Cut" Cardboard boxes are usually made into self-locking, which means that there is no need for glue, tape, staples or closure methods to attach the cardboard lid. In other words, Die-Cut products are specially manufactured with very high quality and use the best ingredients. Die-Cut Box through a different manufacturing process than a standard box (aka Regular Slotted Box (RSC)), so that it can offer more variations on Corrugated Carton Boxes


Single Face Rolls

Produced in spindles (a.k.a rolls), Single Face Corrugated Cardboard is an ideal product for wrapping goods that require protection and irregular shape. Single Face Roll is a flexible product for bearing and protecting goods from damage. This product is very commonly combined with "bubble wrap" to wrap heavy and bulky items to increase the strength of the packaging structure of the item. We use materials that are 100% easily recycled. And, we also become one of the major suppliers for various Converting factories or Minibox factories in Indonesia

Our Machineries

The main machine is in corrugated carton box industry. This machine can produce corrugated cardboard with different thickness or gram according to our client's request, such as B,C, E Flute, dan Single Face E Flute.

Flexo-Folder-Gluer (FFG) , a machine consisting of several parts (feed section, printing section, creaser-slotter, in-line) transforms corrugated cardboard into a corrugated cardboard box (aka carton boxes) by increasing productivity in the corrugated industry without reducing the quality of the Corrugated Cardboard Box (KKG) resulting from.

Rotary Die Cutter (RDC) , die-cutter that replaced the traditional Auto Platten (a.k.a Flatbed) promising accuracy and accuracy in the die-cutting process (a.k.a formation of corrugated cardboard boxes). With a variety of die-cutter machines that we have, we can easily meet all the needs of carton boxes in various shapes

As a backup technology rather than Flexo, we also have gluers or stitchers, like Wax Coater; Auto Folder , Semi-Auto, and Manual Stitcher to ensure the strength and durability of the carton box produced by Teguh Group.

Following international standards in running our business, our work procedures comply with state regulations regarding environmentally friendly factory waste. With the perfect combination of rice Waste Shredder dan Waste Baller, our factory can turn waste materials that are not environmentally friendly into safe waste. With investment in modern waste processing machines / technologies, Auto Waste Water Treatment, we guarantee that our wastewater is safe for the surrounding environment.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we carry out Quality Control on the basic material of the corrugated cardboard and on the final result of the corrugated carton box itself. In addition to general corrugated tests, we also do special tests. As an example, Spectro-Densitometer in order to meet the color printing standards and Crush Testing to measure the strength of the corrugated medium