flatbed die cutter

Flatbed Die Cutter

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Die cutting sometimes goes by the names dinking or blanking. There are a few types of die cutting, but the most well known are Rotary Die Cutting (also known as gasket die cutting) and Flatbed Die Cutting. Die-cutting experience must hold to superior technology in order to process boxes. Boxes in any shape, pattern, or design are cut out of various pressure-sensitive tapes, utilizing custom dies.

We use Flatbed Die Cutter as it has superior performance as compared to Rotary Die Cutter in terms of precision details, allowing a much tighter tolerance. Material shapes are stamped out utilizing steel rule dies that are adjusted accordingly to varying degrees of hydraulic presses. The tooling causes very little rounding (or curvature) of the material used. Different combinations of materials are better suited to the process of flatbed die cutting over rotary cutting. It all depends on what specific materials are needed for the project at hand.