Our Business is an Ongoing Journey
Jan 01


Started in 1991, Teguh Group firstly started as a Converter (a.k.a Minibox) industry.
Our first office is located at Margomulyo Street, Surabaya, East Java

Jan 01

PT. Surindo Teguh Gemilang I

As the business grow, we started to move to be one of the many Corrugated Carton Box in Indonesia.
Starting with a 2.6 Hectare plant in the west part of Surabaya, East Java, we registered our very first company, PT. Surindo Teguh Gemilang I

Feb 01

PT. Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang I

Started with a 2.6 Hectare Plant in Bekasi, on February 2007, PT. Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang I is our first stepping stone to enter West Indonesia market.
With a greater scale, high demand, and tense competition, we start a new journey in a more challenging market.

Mar 01

PT. Universal Jasa Kemas

A month later, Teguh Group acquired PT. Universal Jasa Kemas , a 2.0 Hectare factory located in Pasuruan East Java, to bring ready-to-use capacities in so as to fulfil market demand in Corrugated Carton Box manufacturing industry

Oct 01

PT. Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang II

Satisfied with our strong existence in West Java (also known as Jakarta area), Teguh Group built a much larger plant, 5.0 Hectare.
The newly built factory is named PT. Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang II, located 5kms away from its sister company (PT. Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang I)

Sep 01

PT Surindo Teguh Gemilang II

As PT Surindo Teguh Gemilang I consistently reached its maximal capacity , in September 2012, Teguh Group launched its sister factory in East Java.
The plant is named PT Surindo Teguh Gemilang II. It is built on 5kms away from its sister company in Gresik, East Java

Mar 01

PT. Sentral Kemasindo Teguh

And Teguh Group founded its fourth sister company, PT. Sentral Kemasindo Teguh in year 2014. The 2.5 Hectare plant is located at Mojosari (Mojokerto Regency), East Java

Dec 01

PT. Universal Jasa Kemas II

In late 2018, we give birth to PT Universal Jasa Kemas II, a 3.6 Hectare factory located in Pasuruan East Java in response to the increased pool of potential customers

Dec 01

What’s Next ?

Our Journey has not ended ! With your trust and support, we will keep evolving and have strong presence in Corrugated Carton Box industry. Our Business is A JOURNEY, not A DESTINATION....